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Awards and Honours

June 2023

Best Oral Presentation - Immunet Research Day

Dr. Ritu Mannuttel was awarded best oral presentation for her work on "Response of human pulmonary neuroendocrine cells to house dust mite allergen" at the annual Immunet Research Symposium held at University of Alberta.

May 2023

Paul Man Award

The Paul Man Award is granted to exceptional works of translational research in honor of Dr. Paul Man (University of Alberta; 1986-2001) for his remarkable contribution to translational research. 

Dr. Ritu Mannuttel was awarded this honor for her remarkable work on Pulmonary Endocrine Cells (PNECS), titled "House dust mite allergen induces PAR-1 dependent CGRP release from cultured human pulmonary neuroendocrine cells."

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